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Often the role of good food can never be stressed enough during any holiday trip or for that matter a good holiday sojourn. At times food can be central to a memorable holiday and instances are many when the quality of food served did make a difference to the entire experience.

Meat can be grouped into two varieties, the reds and then the whites. It is more common to find red meat in the wild than the white variety and as to which of them would be the tastier would be a matter of personal preference than anything. But it is normal that some parts of the world are more abundant in a particular type of meat yielding wild life and thus it is more a habit to prepare them for the table.

Moose: An animal found in the wild in colder climates, the meet is high in protein and needs to be given a good braze before it is made ready to eat. It best suits the smoky flavor that a fire can provide and most instances of moose meat preparations are done on an open fire. There are a number of inhabitants of the cold north that rely on the moose to provide a steady and affordable fill of meat protein during most part of the year.

Bison: Often referred to as wild buffalo, the bison meat is rather a tough one to have and the first time taster would at times complain that it is rather rubbery to bite into. Rather high on the fat content the Bison meat is best prepared on a slow flame that would melt the fat into a proper stew to be taken in all with some coarse bread. This could well be considered the traditional staple food of those inhabiting the plains of the country and is now a days a meat of choice to those visiting the region on a holiday.

Antelope: Or deer to some parts of the land, this is an animal that provides some tasty wild meat that is cherished for its tenderness more than anything else. There is a broth that uses the Antelope meat to provide a nourishing yet filling fare that at one time used to be the staple offering of the plains of the country. This is what would be typically be prepared in most hunting lodges that are to be found right across the plains and is a never to be missed offering of the land.

Snow Goose: This is a white meat that is noteworthy for its high fat content and is usually a preferred celebratory preparation during the winter months. It is considered to be a high point of a Christmas holidays to be treated to a serving of the Snow Goose preparation that is bound to make the best skeptic bite in his tongue. Being a white variety of wild meat, this is the better preferred type for those on a diet or those highly health conscious and looking out for what they get to eat.

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